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Look yonder across forgotten field,
Azaan sirens like jibreel congealed
See sandstone of old?
All sooted, fools gold,
Hills soft as wool mould.
Neglected alley cocks, bulldozed block, beware the foil and rocks.
But hear bassline getting louder,
Feel us standin prouder
Cuz we’re high on curry powder,

Where we goin? What we growin? Nobody knowin.
Semi dreamin, Pyramid schemin, motor be gleamin
Racin fastpast covert ops, Cancelled cops and closed down shops,
Still on phones, sortin payday loans
We screech credited wheels on curb

We’ve stopped to check insurance refurb,
Of Kentucky Fried Bantams,
Mind the used tampons,
Best to order clipped wings,
Outside no bird sings,
our hyena pack shuffles
cackling heat ready to scuffle
but we shaking every man’s hands
we’re mellow bakin ramadans

Abundantly quivering youth!
Like Boss bose subwoof,

Vibin hot air, this city got us cranked and spanked,
banked and tanked,
Loveithateit Turbo Injected,
We’re now part of this history
No longer impostery,
Our grandmas kept those Chimneys erected. You better respect it. No we’re
Once they bellowed wooly smoke
Now we gotta find our own toke
Peeps may have forgot
This city’s still hot
Just gotta channel that haze
Sall about ushering sheeps to graze,

Now Mill’s coals blaze in shisha lounges, Watch out for the cheap scoungers,
Tryna suck up your apple rose mint
Actually, Llow it they’re skint
Fuck it, we all fake,
Just tryina make, bake and shake
Before our joint burns out
Dil power’ll get us there, no doubt.

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