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if you’re lucky, you get them double quicks
2 tiny blue glowing ticks,
Since you were at school,
You’ve been waitin like a fool,
For that chime, Four straight lines, a heart beat onamonitor,

Means it’s been read, pondered, and theyre ready to reply
Some remove the ticks, gives them more time to try,
I sigh.
Is it a London millennial thing to postpone?
Meetings and greetings, ultimately allalone
Flakier than most, conversing on their own terms
Insecure, locked in their own germs.
Don’t bat an eyelid if they leave you dangling.
Seven years of abeyance and your souls been mangling.

It’s more than simply waiting when it’s a friend
It’s enough to drive you up the bends.
But these days best friends don’t have efforttime to invest,
They’re barely seeing their therapists at best,

And newshock, it’s a worldwide agewide thing.
Friends of all spaces not replying,
So don’t hate, if there’s more static
Between you, dialogue is not automatic,
It seems, sometimes it’s best when the seams are seen.

Therefore, maybe taking away two blues gives something back
Control, time, maybe you should cut them some slack.

Don’t forget in olden days, correspondence took an age
Humans had to scrawl ink and fill a damn page,
Slower time made words more nourishing,

Receiving someone else’s words was a thing,
Thenafter it ceased being deeper,
Electronics made things cheaper,
Phones brought us together but we lost our thinking,
Soon came the net, and we were sinking
As inboxes filled, content spilled
Over into text convos, never fulfilled.
Until the epistolary thread spread dead,
to infinite white noise clouding your head.

You were no longer able to go to bed,
Let alone to sleep, without wanting your fix of light and beep.
The alert became more than a heart,
Such a strong part, a demon, by your side
Never skipping a beat, the truth would chide,
But who cared, for the sudden rush
Was receiving a look from your first crush,
You can’t close your eyes, you keep going back for it
Even when all you’re doin is chattin shit.
So maybe its high time, to unplug, find your thoughts,
Take those two blue ticks away
And maybe we’ll receive a deeperness one day.

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