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“You should meet a friend I know”
Yes you think, finally my career can grow,
“I swear you’ll really get along”
We’ll vibe so much we’ll even write a song
Together, and live happily ever after,
We’ll share in wilful wealthy laughter,
“Yea no worries, I’ll put you in touch,
least I can do, sure, it’s not much.”

You hug and leave, You have no job,
Silently you breathe, now daring to believe,
But after a couple of days you want to sob,
Because there’s been no word,
You feel like sending your mate an emoji turd,
Waiting for the heavens to give you a sign
Something, anything, please sun shine.

A week later and still no contact received.
You’re beginning to feel you’ve been deceived.
There is no new best friend on the horizon,
But still you think about what to send them,
Amusing insta stories and tweets, keep it steady
For fuck sake just send through the deets, aldamnready

Finally you pluck up, what the heck,

Asking them to cough up, knowing it’s not etiquette,
But the waiting, is grating, you’ve had your belief suspended,
And now your dreams feel totally fucked and upended.

People are just busy they say.
Well silence is violence they say.
And it’s already been 8 long days.
Maybe they’re not trying to shirk,
You’re just being an oversensitive burk,
Don’t worry you’re still invited to the old boy’s network,
They’re merely trying to do their own thing,
But come on, allitisisacontactdeet, they don’t even have to ring
Maybe it is more, they wanted to impress upon you,
that they knew
Someone, yet really they never intended you,
to access their crew,
Anywho, they’ve thrown shallow words, that spear,
If you weren’t going to follow up, why mention the fuckin idea?
Patronising, arrogance, tribalpowerplay, Fear.

So you send a text to your mate reminding them of their promise,
“Yo can you send those deets, you’re starting to take the piss”
Two blue ticks. They’ve definitely read.
They’re typing…You mustashuck their head,
“sorry mate, lot on. You totally should have said.
Will do.”

Finally, the golden ticket comes through,
You message the contact, “hey there, it’s Trevor’s mate,
he told me to reach out”
You receive a reply over 2 days late,
“sorry, I’m not sure who you’re on about.”

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